Ask Troll R. R. Martin
(Further proof of Mr. Benioff’s & Mr. Weiss’s real endgame…)
I’ll just come right out and say it for the record:

I like Ros.

I don’t like every scene with her in it, but I do like the new character. In fact, I happen to like Ros a LOT more than Show!Shae. I can’t stand what little we’ve seen of Show!Shae. I actually was kind of hoping Ros would follow Tyrion and take on the role of Shae, becoming the new Hand of the King’s lover/whore/what-have-you. It would certainly have legitimized the attention given to her character in the early half of the season, and well, frankly, I just like her personality a lot more Show!Shae’s or even Book!Shae’s (not even taking into consideration all the junk that happens in A Storm of Swords, of course). 

So, again, I like Ros. I thought the show’s use of her and other women for sexposition (or exboobsition, if you prefer) was clunky and tiresome at times. Still, I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her. I hope the showrunners find new and more interesting ways to use Ros to advance the plot and further develop the main characters.

But haters gonna hate.